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Why IdeaGist Blockchain Incubator

Global Blockchain Incubator Blockchain Incubator is for people thinking of disruptive solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology. Blockchain Incubator is run on the world's largest virtual incubation platform, IdeaGist. Blockchain Incubator is not accepting "Founding Members" applications anymore. For non-founding members, right now it is free to join but there will be a small subscription fee in the future. Join today!

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IdeaGist is a collaboration platform for people with ideas and those who are interested in new ideas. It is a place for people, communities, and companies to work together towards a better future. IdeaGist is the largest virtual incubation platform in the world, connecting 29,000+ users from 300+ communities from all over the world. IdeaGist currently hosting 2,000+ ideas. It also hosts 1,100+ mentors, helping different communities with their early-stage ideas.